Maison Cleir is beyond what is traditionally known as “Maison”; it is a new universe in the Art of High-End Jewelry; it represents our own essence in life and everything we live day by day in constant change and evolution.


Whenever you feel free to express yourself without limitations, you can communicate and highlight your elegance and beauty when you wear a jewel of Cleir. The essence of elegance and glamor is always in you, enjoying it on any occasion, whenever, and wherever you most feel like.


Our founder and creative director, Karla Vittetoe, delivers creative and artistic designs of individual production, inspired mainly by nature and the urban streets. All under a renewed vision with minimalist shapes and concepts with a variety of rare gems challenging to find, never seen before, such as opals with a unique universe that are undoubtedly her more fabulous inspiration and what gives a unique touch to each piece created, where it also ensures that they are comfortable to wear, with detailed textures and smooth contours like a second skin. All our jewelry is handmade piece by piece, and every detail is important to us, since they are meant to last forever.


Cleir’s World is outside immersed and inspired by Nature. We would like to see Cleir Maison, not really encapsulated in 4 walls, but rather always free of expression, love, curiosity, and movement, on the outskirts. Still, yes, we would also love to implement a studio in the future where we can share and personally expose all our pieces to the world. Love is our guide to continue creating new concepts in the High and modern jewelry.


Where the “magic” is created, the place where our inspirations are transformed into exceptional pieces of High Art Jewelry, thanks to the expertise of our highly talented artisan, top of the art equipment, and Karla’s supervision. CLEIR STUDIO only uses 100% natural and top-quality Gemstones, Opals, and Diamonds in its jewelry creations on 18K solid gold and/or platinum.

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